Order status involves five steps
  1. Processing: Once your order has been confirmed and we are waiting for authorization of the payment received which is given by Accounts Department of Eleczo.
  2. Invoiced: Once Authorization is granted by the Accounts department, your order may be Invoiced partially or completely according the payment made while confirming the order .
  3. Order shipped : Once invoice is prepared partially products are ready for partial shipment and if invoice is prepared completely products are ready for complete shipment.
  4. Order Delivery: In this stage the sales representative informs the back-end team in warehouse to pack the product and ship the product according to the details in the packing list and invoice and their is only one tracking number for checking the order status, shipment and delivery.
  5. Order Cancelled: Order can be cancelled only when the product has defects before it is being dispatched and the manufacturer agrees with defects in product and he acts as an Intermediary between the customer and company.